Lost Ark: All Locations of Mokoko Seeds in Peyto

Lost Ark, a free-to-play MMO and ARPG game, has already won the appreciation of many players with its rich game content and mechanics.

The game was released in the past days and broke records in 24 hours. It achieved to become the second game with the most concurrent players on Steam.

Its impressive visuals and enjoyable gameplay caused the lights to shine on Lost Ark. Therefore, the game seems to be mentioned and talked about frequently in the coming days.

Today, we will show that all the locations of Mokoko Seeds in Peyto in Lost Ark.

All Locations of Mokoko Seeds in Peyto in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has managed to attract many gamers and has reached very fascinating numbers in a short time.

In Lost Ark, players can strengthen their characters with different items. In a game where there are different types of items, players have to perform various actions for these items.

In addition, collectible items can be found in the game, and the most famous among them is Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seeds is a collectible item and spawns in different spots of the game. Players can go to these areas to collect Mokoko Seeds and trade the Mokoko Seeds they collect to obtain different items.

Peyto is one of the regions where Mokoko Seeds appear. This region is located on the upper side of the Atusia Ocean and is near Anikka and Pleccia. Players can go here to collect Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seeds spawn in 5 different places of the ship-shaped Peyto.

The first place where Mokoko Seeds originated is in Shipyard. To go to this area, you need to walk to the right of the Dock and pass through the passage there. After passing through this passage, you will reach the Shipyard and the lower floor of this area has Mokoko Seeds.

The second area where Mokoko Seeds spawn is inside the pool located in the middle of the Ship Deck. You can get Mokoko Seeds by entering the pool.

The third place is located in the Market District. Mokoko Seeds are available in the room where the NPC named “Corras the Starfish” is located on the right side of this area. You can also see the third spot more clearly on the map below. You can collect Mokoko Seeds from the paintings in this room.

The fourth area is located in Captain’s Quarters. Getting to the Captain Quarters is a bit complicated, but you have to go to the Market District first. When you walk to the right side of the Market District, you will see a passage. Passing through this passage, you will reach the Tavern. After reaching the Tavern, you will reach a new passage by walking straight. When you pass through this passage, you will arrive at Captain’s Quarters. To the right of Captain Quarters, at the end of the map, Mokoko Seeds is located.

The fifth place is located in Supply Storage. When you reach Supply Storage, you will see Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seeds Rewards in Lost Ark

After collecting Mokoko Seeds, you can earn various rewards by trading. Below you can see some of the rewards and how many Mokoko Seeds they require.

  • Totoma Card: 50 Seeds
  • Stat Increase Potion: 300 Seeds
  • Mokamoka Card: 350 Seeds
  • Masterpiece #44: 1,150 Seeds
  • Mokoko Charm: 1,200 Seeds
  • Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack: 1,250 Seeds

Written by Borut Udovic

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