Lost Ark: All Lost City Mokoko Seed Locations

The Lost City is an area filled with 7 Mokoko Seeds. There are only a few hidden locations with these seeds. The reason is that in one location there can be two or three seeds at once.

Which is a great time saver. Many players find it difficult to locate these hidden areas because some of these places are made to look natural that you cannot get into them. No worries. I am here to help.

This guide will help you find all the Lost City Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark.

All Lost City Mokoko Seeds Locations – Lost Ark

This is a simple hidden Mokoko seed. It’s located in the middle part of the map, where you can see a chest that can be looted. Once you reach your marked destination, you will see a shelter. Enter the little shelter and you will find the Mokoko Seed.

The second and third Mokoko seeds can be found on the western side of the map on the pathway itself. You will need to break a hole in a wall and exit the fortress in order to collect the two seeds. The seeds are placed in some grass which is well hidden for someone to find them.

This location is pretty easy. All you need to do is come to the marked location on the image and flip the lever, which is going to unlock jumping points for you to go to. As you follow the road, on the hidden side of the wall you will find all the remaining Mokoko Seeds

Written by Borut Udovic

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