Lost Ark: All Mokoko Seeds Locations on Giant Mushroom Island

Lost Ark has recently become playable all over the world. Lost Ark, which can be accessed for free on Steam, also managed to gain a very serious player base quickly.

Lost Ark reached more than 1 million concurrent players in 24 hours after it became playable all over the world on Steam. Thus, the game became the second most played game on Steam in terms of the number of concurrent players. It also surpassed the concurrent player number of Lost Ark DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Today, we will show that all the locations of Mokoko Seeds on Giant Mushroom Island.

Mokoko Seeds Locations on Giant Mushroom Island in Lost Ark

Lost Ark promises players a rich map and content. Lost Ark, which is an MMO and ARPG game, also has a wide range of items.

Lost Ark, which contains different types of items, also offers players the opportunity to strengthen and customize their characters. One type of item in Lost Ark is collectible items.

Collectible items are located in different places and players can go to these spots on the map and collect these items for free.

Mokoko Seeds is also a collectible item and players can collect Mokoko Seeds by going to different regions.

Among the regions where Mokoko Seeds spawn is on Giant Mushroom Island.

Giant Mushroom Island is a mushroom-filled island located between the Atusia Ocean and Platina Ocean. There is also Tortoyk near the island.

In order to collect Mokoko Seeds that appear in this region, you must first go to this island. Mokoko Seeds are grown in 4 different parts of Giant Mushroom Island.

The place where the first Mokoko Seeds spawn is the backside of the NPC named Pasusu. You can find Mokoko Seeds at the bottom of the cliff behind this NPC.

It is located at the spot of the second Mokoko Seeds, where it teleports to the island. You can find Mokoko Seeds among the mushrooms found behind where you enter the island.

The second place where Mokoko Seeds grows is to the right of the 3 different canal-like ledges at the top of the map. You can find Mokoko Seeds among the shrubs here. You can also look at the map below to get a clear understanding of the area.

The third place is located to the left of the channels at the top of the map. After arriving in this area, head towards the end of the map and you will pass through a passage. This passage will take you into a cave-like place. Here you can find Mokoko Seeds.

Do Mokoko Seeds Give XP?

The answer to this question is yes. In other words, you can strengthen your character by collecting Mokoko Seeds.

Some players state that there are 1250 Mokoko Seeds in total in different locations in Lost Ark. Also, each Mokoko Seeds grants 180 XP. Also, each Mokoko Seeds grants 180 XP. So, if you collect all Mokoko Seeds on the map, you can gain a total of 225,000 XP.

On the other hand, this does not apply to all of your characters. So, if you have roasted XP by collecting Mokoko Seeds with one of your characters, you may not be able to find and collect Mokoko Seeds with your other characters. However, you can see the Mokoko Seeds you collect on different servers.

Written by Borut Udovic

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