Lost Ark: All Phantom Palace Mokoko Seed Locations

The Phantom Palace is a dungeon where you must defend the ark from the evil Phantom Legion Forces and their leader Brelshaza. This is your regular dungeon with puzzles and all that. But this dungeon also contains 7 Mokoko Seeds, two of them are secret Mokoko Seeds.

That’s right. Secret Mokoko Seeds, to get these two extra Mokoko Seeds, you need to finish a few steps first on hard difficulty and after that be able to collect the seeds.

This guide will show you all the Mokoko Seeds hidden in the Phantom Palace dungeon in Lost Ark.

Phantom Palace Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

The first step that you need to do is find a buff that is near the edges of the wall on the first boss. Make sure you are in Hard difficulty, otherwise this will not appear. You have 1 minute to pick up the buff before it disappears. The timer starts when the boss fight starts.

The second step is to continue off in the dungeon. Once you reach the third boss. He will have a phase that which he summons waves that attack you and deal damage. There will be a buff right where the boss will stand, go there and pick it up. Note that you may get hit by a wave here so I suggest having full HP when doing this phase.

The third step will be quite simple. The buffs that you have collected need to be placed down on a specific place right before entering the final boss. After that, you must enter the chess area where you will automatically get a quest named Checkmate. You will need to play a game of chess, where you will place two pieces, the King and the Pope in their proper area. Once that is done, a secret room will open which will lead you to a mini-boss.

Your fourth step is to defeat the Mini-Boss and locate the secret hidden area where the Mokoko Seed is placed so you collect it.

If the hidden area is not opened for you to loot the seed, you must get the Ghost Chess King Achievement first. The sixth step is to go into the Phantom Legion King’s chamber and defeat him to get the Ghost Chess King’s achievement.

The other Mokoko seeds are easy to find and here are the following locations for them.

Outside the phantom palace, on the marked area in the image, you will find a floating boulder. Right next to it there will be a Mokoko Seed placed on the ground.

The third location is rather simple. Before you enter the Chess Arena, go to the left or west side of the map and you will find the Mokoko Seed just standing there. Next to some Pawn chess pieces.

The fourth location for this seed is located on the opposite side of the chess arena. You need to enter a hidden room which is covered by a purple curtain. Once there you just need to hug the right side of the wall and you will find the Mokoko Seed.

The fifth Location of the Mokoko seed can be found on the broken bridge where you are constantly being attacked.

 In the sixth location, you must enter a mirror which then will teleport you to a secret area. At the end of the hidden room, right by a window that is shining purple light from it, there will be the sixth Mokoko Seed that you are looking for.

The last Mokoko Seed can be found outside of the palace in a big garden that is filled with trees. When looking with the normal camera POV with your character, it’s hard to find the seed, the reason is that it’s hidden from the leaves. I suggest zooming in on the camera view which will help you locate and collect the seed easier.

Written by Borut Udovic

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