Lost Ark: All Saland Hill Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark, a free-to-play MMO online game, is finally playable in Europe and America. In the game with different classes, players will embark on various adventures in the Arkesia universe and fight enemies.

Lost Ark is currently only available on PC and has reached approximately 532,476 concurrent players on Steam after it was released yesterday.

The game has a very rich variety of items, which makes the game richer and not repeat itself. Mokoko seeds are also a collectible item found in Lost Ark.

Today, we will show that all locations of Mokoko seeds in Saland Hill.

All Saland Hill Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark

Mokoko Seeds are one of the tradable items in Lost Ark. Players who own Mokoko Seeds can trade them for various rewards. In other words, Mokoko Seeds are a kind of currency in Lost Ark.

Players can collect and use Mokoko Seeds from many different areas in the game. On the other hand, if you know where Mokoko Seeds spawn, it can be easier to collect.

Located in the Yudia region, Saland Hill is home to many different enemy monsters and Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seeds spawn in 9 different spots in Saland Hill. The first of these is located to the left of the Burn Encampment.

The second place is located below the Whitesand Bandit Den.

The third place is in the village just below the Whitesand Bandit Den. You will see 3 boxes near where Armen is here. Next to these boxes, you can find Mokoko Seeds.

The fourth location is located below the Occupied Saltern zone. When you come to the Occupied Saltern area, if you continue to the end of the map, you can find Mokoko Seeds.

The fifth place is located on the map below. In this area, you have to pass through the place where the creatures are. You can find Mokoko Seeds on a wooden structure with creatures.

The sixth place is in the Nomad Camp. You can find Mokoko Seeds on the back of the NPC named Kettle in this area.

The seventh place is above the Nomad Camp. After defeating the Salt Desert Pasture Snake group in this region, you can collect Mokoko Seeds from the bush.

The eighth place is at the top of the map.

Finally, the ninth place is located in Thorngrip Den. After killing the Thorngrip Archer group here, you can collect Mokoko Seeds from around the locked box at the back.

Where Can You Trade Mokoko Seeds?

After going to the above-mentioned areas and collecting Mokoko Seeds, you need to trade Mokoko Seeds in order to earn high tier items. This is a very easy process.

Follow the steps below to trade Mokoko Seeds:

  • Go to Mokoko Village placed in Tortoyk Island
  • Speak with Totoma to trade Mokoko seeds.

Congratulations! You can now trade Mokoko Seeds to get some pretty cool and powerful items.

Written by Borut Udovic

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