Lost Ark: All Shady Cliff Mokoko Seed Locations

The Shady Cliff is an area that is located in the Feiton Continent. It is the place where you can go through and enter the Ruined Castle dungeon. In this area, you will be able to find 10 hidden Mokoko Seeds which are stranded all over the area.

This guide will show you all the hidden locations of the Mokoko Seeds in the Shady Cliff area in Lost Ark.

Shady Cliff Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

In the first location which is located west of the Central Quarters, you will need to play a song called “Soulful Requiem”. This song will set fire to the placed wooden planks that will be in front of you once you reached the marked destination on the image. The Mokoko Seed will be hidden right under the wooden planks, once they are removed.

The second location is a bit west of the first location. You will be needed to climb up the top of the building, and on your left side you will see a torn down roof, just under the roof you will notice the Mokoko seed that is hidden.

For the third location, you are needed to get to the dead-end which is located west of the Central Quarters. Once you are there you will see an NPC standing. To enter this hidden secret area, you will need to have a specific item to drink and it will take you inside the room. Once there, just go down the hallway and you will find the Mokoko Seed hidden behind the wall.

For this fourth seed it’s simple. Go to the corner which is just above Monastery Plaza, there you will need to climb down the cliff and you will find the Mokoko Seed on the ground.

This area is also rather simple, you need to perform one jump to the other side of the road, and right behind the wall that is holding the broken stairs, you will find the fifth hidden Mokoko Seed.

In this location, you will find another set of wooden planks and it’s the same process as the first location. You need to get to the middle of the road just by Monastery Castle. Start playing the “Soulful Requiem” song in order to burn the wooden planks and collect the Mokoko Seed.

On the seventh location you will need to move to the north end of the map where you shall climb some ropes. When you make your way up, two Sacnan Priests and some dogs will be waiting for you to attack. Once you have killed all of them, the Mokoko seed should be placed in a nearby shop on the right.

You will also need 300 courage to enter the sewers and collect the Mokoko Seed from there.

Just south of the Outer Quarters, the next Mokoko seed will be found. You will see some stairs and a path to another stairwell heading downwards. On the left side of the stairs you will see the Mokoko seed hidden where you can collect it.

The last location for the tenth Mokoko seed is located on the far eastern end of the map. Here you will encounter wooden planks. You will need to play the “Soulful Requiem” song, which will burn the planks and give you access to the last Mokoko Seed.

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