Lost Ark: All Shangra Island Locations

Lost Ark’s vast open-world has tons of islands waiting for players to be explored. While most islands have one fixed location on the map, there is one island that has three possible locations in the game. In this guide, we will tell you all the three different spawn locations of Shangra Island.

The Shangra Island in Lost Ark is a submerged island and it spawns at a different location every time. It is described as an island of the gods since they can enjoy themselves there in a leisurely manner. The island is also popular for its peach wine which can be used by the players to explore the hidden paths found there.

Shangra Locations – Lost Ark

There are a total of three locations where the island can be found. You can check the timer for the island in the alarms menu of the game. A whirlpool will appear in the ocean 10 minutes before the island is spawned.

The first possible spawn location for the island is southeast of the North Vern continent. You will notice the small island in the Atusia Ocean. The exact location is marked above

The second possible spawn location is north of the Annika continent. It can be found in the Sea of Death.

Finally, the last possible location for the island is northwest of the North Vern continent. It can be found between the Rayan current and the North Vern sea at the location marked above.

That’s it, you have now embark on a new adventure to Shangara Island!

Written by Borut Udovic

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