Lost Ark: All Song Locations

Just by doing quests and exploring other areas in Lost Ark, you can unlock some new and interesting songs to play along with you, having a fun song instead of silence is always better in gaming.

You can normally get 8 songs from the main quests and from the adventure book you can get 5 songs. And from the islands and events and some quests that need to be done there, you can get 7 songs.

So in total you are able to get 20 songs to enjoy the game even better. 13 of them are easy to get, the other you need to do some working to earn them.

These are all the locations for the songs in Lost Ark

Song Locations – Lost Ark

  1. Large Glacier

You are needed to travel to the Large Glacier. Here you will have one purple quest which gives you the songs upon completing the same quest. Once you clear this you will be able to obtain the first 8 songs.

  1. Adventure book

Once opening the adventure guide you need to start getting the percentage up to some of the continents. If we start off with Eudia, at 50% you can get the Music of Temptation, which is easy to get. You just need to buy some cheap collectibles, finish the Portal Platform and do the two dungeons.

Rohendel is slightly harder where you need to reach 60%. Get the collectibles, view points, portal platforms and duneons. Once you’re done with that you should unlock Music of Eternity

Yorn is easy to get with only 50%. Do the dungeons on both difficulties, the portal platforms and get the collectibles. Once done with that you will unlock Romantic Weapon.

Payton is required at least 60% to unlock Song of Harmony. It’s the same trick as Rohendel but it will take some time.

Papunika requires 50% and its really easy to get, collectibles, portals and dungeons should finish the job.

And just like that you can easily get 13 songs so far!

  1. Islands & Events

There are islands and events which are located in this menu, the timings will be different from the picture showing above, you will need to wait for the exact time for these islands to open and do the events in order to gather more songs. But first of all if you want to participate you need to collect the song Serenade of Love.

To get the Serenade of Love simply go to Liebeheim and do the quest there, that quest will unlock the new song.

Another way to get another song named Music of Resonance is by spending pirate coins but you also need to travel to Cruise Ship “Paradise Waves”

Another great song is Forest Minuet. In order to unlock this quest you are needed to go to Singing Island and do a quest where you need to look for an invisible NPC just by tracking his voice. Once you have finished the quest you will obtain the song and have some privileges on that island by opening gates with the same song.

Twilight Requiem is an event song which you need to wait for the Island of Eternal Rust to be opened up. The hard part here is that it requires high item level to enter, you are required to be 500 item level. In order to obtain the song you need to go to the island and randomly do some quests, and you have a chance to get it.

Music of Spring is kind of interesting. You are needed to go to Peach Island but you don’t know exactly where to go because there are multiple Peach Islands. The easiest way to find it is to follow the online chat. When people find the correct one they will post it sometimes and head there to obtain your song.

By far the hardest and craziest way to get the song “Music of Starlight”.
Firstly you are required to go to Star Song Lighthouse. Where you will meet Helena. Helena will give you a quest about her mother and you need to travel all over the continents to finish the questline.

Once you finish Helena’s quest line she will unlock her shop where you can buy the song from, but it’s really hard to collect the Givena coins as you need to farm them all over the continents.

Written by Borut Udovic

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