Lost Ark Arcana Leveling Guide

Arcana Leveling Guide

The Arcana class is one of the more interesting classes in Lost Ark. Arcana’s rely heavily on drawing cards from a deck that each has its own unique effect in-game. The different magic attacks you use will depend on the cards that you draw, making every situation unique.

It’s definitely one of the most unique classes in the game. Arcana will for sure be a challenging yet fun class to play because of the additional element of drawing cards. It’s unclear yet when Arcana will get released to all servers, but we all just have to wait for now.

Arcana Leveling Guide – Lost Ark

These are the skills that we think you should prioritize when leveling up your Arcana class character. The following skills will help you clear trash mobs and defeat enemies faster.

Celestial Rain

First up, we have Celestial Rain. It’s an ability that’s available starting from level 10 and calls down a rain of cards at a specific location. Airborne foes receive additional damage and are slammed into the ground. Vital Point Hit, Card of Destruction, and Torrent are great tripods to take here.


Checkmate is a skill where you quickly throw cards toward a target location and inflicts damage upon each hit. It’s a fairly powerful card that you can use to deal huge chunks of damage. Taking Card Draw, Concentrated Darkness, and Wave of Cards is what we recommend.

Four of a Kind

Quickly throw a card to a target location and inflict damage to the opponent hit. It’s a straightforward and spammable move because of its low cooldown. You can take Mind Enhancement, Deception, and Chain Attack as your tripods.

Infinity Shower

Infinity Shower throws cards at a target location that inflicts damage. You can use this move as a combo in the air to throw more cards towards the location. Card Draw, Balanced Attack, and Infinite Concentration will help increase your combo damage and your outgoing damage.

Quadra Accelerate

Quadra Accelerate is another pretty straightforward move. You simply throw 4 cards towards a specific location, with each card dealing damage. Weakness Exposure, Card Draw, and Accelerate Concentration can help increase your damage per hit and provide buffs for your party members.

Scratch Dealer

Scratch Dealer is a good mobility skill for the Arcana class. You move 7 meters toward your desired location and inflict damage to the enemies within the area. You can also use the skill again to strike downward and deal even more damage. The tripods you should take are Weakness Exposure, Keen Strike, and Safety Device.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is one of the last skills you get, being unlocked at level 50. It instantly deals damage to nearby enemies. The damage you deal increases with each stack an enemy has, while an enemy with 4 stacks gets slammed to the ground. Vital Point Hit, Darkness Garden, and Secret Chance are the best tripods to take for Secret Garden.

Stream of Edge

Lastly, we have Stream of Edge. This is one of the cooler moves where you open two portal gates at the target location for 5 seconds. All enemies between the gates get attacked by over 15 hits. You should take Card Draw, Dark Edge, and Perfect Stream as your tripods to get the most out of Stream of Edge.

That’s the end of our leveling guide for Arcana in Lost Ark. These skills are only recommendations, and you are free to change some skills or tripods as you see fit. At the end of the day, the best skills are still the skills that you are most comfortable using.

Written by Borut Udovic

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