Lost Ark: Artillerist Leveling Guide

One of the Gunner classes, the class features large cannons loaded with explosives, fire, and enormous ironclad protection that makes him one of the most durable characters in the game. That’s not all. You can also transform into a huge turret, drastically increasing your damage and firing big laser beams and even bigger bombs at your opponent.

Our Lost Ark Artillerist guide will walk you through all of this class’ fundamentals, as well as show some additional tips. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’ve put up a beginners’ guide on the Lost Ark Artillerist. The most common Lost Ark Artillerist build is shown at the conclusion of this article, so you may get an idea of how this class works at the end game.

Lost Ark Leveling – Artillerist Guide

The only typical build for the Lost Ark Artillerist is at the end game. The usual Artillerist build includes a class engraving called the Firepower Enhancement, which improves your identity skill’s damage and lowers your damage taken. You will always receive 20% less damage while your identity is active, regardless of the level of the Firepower Enhancement inscription you have.

Meanwhile, your damage in the form changes depending on several factors. The first is how strong your firepower buff is, while the second factor is the Firepower Enhancement engraving level. This translates to a naturally powerful class in its identity window and a lower regular human form. It implies you may consider this Lost Ark Artillerist build brief; nevertheless, its basic form still delivers respectable, sustained DPS. If you enjoy large damage windows with a cool visual, this is the class for you.

Lost Ark Artillerist Skills and Tripods

The standard skills you’ll want to use in this Lost Ark Artillerist build are the most powerful damage skills, along with sufficient resource generation and damage boosts via staggering and armor reduction. Regardless of whether you’re doing PvP, group PvE, or solo PvE, opting into the defensive party buff for summoning a turret is a fantastic idea. However, it comes at a cost: some damage boosts are lost.

To obtain Tripods for your most powerful Skills, invest in Skill Points. The following are the major Character Levels at which you can gain access to the greatest number of Skill Tripods. Make careful to reallocate any surplus points into the core Abilities when required.

Artillerist Identity Skill

When you’re ready to make your Firepower boost, use your identity ability to get inside a stationary turret. This turret serves as another form for you, providing you with new abilities as long as you remain within the turret. Even larger lasers, missiles, and devastation are expected. You should press these abilities as often as possible in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Artillerist Awakening Skills

There are two distinct Awakening skills in each of Lost Ark’s classes, and they all have lengthy charging times and need a reagent to use. The Artillerist is not any different. The Missile Barrage Awakening skill is used by most Lost Ark Artillerists because it has a long stun duration and fires 20 missiles at the target area. Each missile also does a lot of damage. The Stagger tripod you use on Napalm shot makes this skill far superior, so it’s the greatest choice for this Lost Ark Artillerist guide. This is the finest of our three choices since your stagger scaling makes it ideal for this lost ark artillerist guide.

The Heavy Turret is the second Awakened skill, which creates a turret that fires self-guiding laser beams and missiles for 20 seconds. It’s like having your own identification ability, albeit without the extra offensive power bonuses.

Artillerist Skill Runes & Gems

The Artillerist is one of the most powerful stagger classes in the game. As a result, any ability rune that provides stagger should be allocated to a skill with a high amount of stagger. This is so you can inflict greater harm when your opponents are staggered, which compliments the Napalm Staggered Tripod you choose.

The shield gems are another good option for this Lost Ark Artillerist build. You can use this to your other non-shield gems and improve your survival chances. It’s also advantageous if you take the shield engraving because it allows you to keep up with the shield x damage boost inscription synergy.

Artillerist Engravings

As with nearly every other class in the game, you want as many damage inscriptions as feasible. Cursed Doll, Grudge, and Adrenaline are examples of these engravings. These abilities provide you extra damage while also giving you a debuff that increases your damage taken while lowering your healing effects. That is not so bad thanks to your Firepower Enhancement class inscriptions’ damage reduction buff and your 8-second long shield.

The Artillerist also has access to Barricade engraving, which boosts your damage while you are protected. Because of your eight-second-long shield, you may start your rotation with that skill and increase the amount of damage you deal for greater effect. You can even use Hit Master – an inscription that improves the bonus damage given to non-front or back attacks. Thanks to the many airstrikes and ground effects typical Lost Ark Artillerist builds make use of, the Artillerist has a wealth of these options.


There are many options for this Lost Ark Artillerist build. You can use the Missile Barrage Awakening skill and a Stagger Tripod, Heavy Turret Awakened Skill with a Stun Duration, and Self-Guiding Missiles or even your standard skills in conjunction with an 8-second long shield to create powerful burst damage abilities. The choice is yours! We hope we gave you some useful tips on how to level up as an artillerist in Lost Ark that will help you get started down the right path.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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