Lost Ark: Asura Island Token Guide & Mokoko Seeds Location

Asura Island is an adventure island which is located East of Feiton in the Western part of the map. The location is right in the middle of Temepst Seas, so if you don’t have the proper resistances, it’s best to wait at the edge and head inside the island at the moment it spawns. Check your Procyon’s Compass to see when the Asura Island will be available so you go in there and do your objectives.

This guide will show you the Asura Island Token Guide & Mokoko Seeds Location in Lost Ark.

Asura Island Token Guide & Mokoko Seeds Location – Lost Ark

Once you enter the Island in the starting time, after 3 minutes a competition quest will begin. You are needed to compete with other players in killing mobs in order to win a place on the leaderboard. Your main goal for this quest is to collect 100 Blood Shards. Once you have collected 100 Blood Shards you will be able to get the Asura Island Token by trading 100 Blood Shards for the item “Challenge of Blood”, which will start a quest line so you can get your Island Token.

  • First place gives you 15 Blood Shards.
  • Second place gives your 14 Blood Shards.
  • Third place gives you 13 Blood Shards.
  • Participating in the event gives you 10 Blood Shards.

The next part of this quest is a competitive PvP quest where you fight with other players in the island in a free for all death match. It’s best to play safer here and make sure to secure the first place if you are powerful enough!

  • First place will reward you 100 Blood Shards.
  • Second place will reward you 80 Blood Shards.
  • Third place will reward you 70 Blood Shards.
  • Fourth place will reward you 50 Blood Shards.
  • By participating you will be rewarded 20 Blood Shards.

To see how many Blood Shards you have, you must open your Inventory and select “Storage”, from there go to “Sailing Materials”, and there you will see how many Blood Shards you have.

Asura Island Mokoko Seed Locations

There are two Mokoko Seed locations on this Island and they are pretty simple, one on the East side from the middle of the map, and the other on the West side from the middle of the map!

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