Lost Ark: Bard Leveling Guide

Lost Ark attracted attention by breaking a new record in terms of concurrent players on Steam. Lost Ark, an MMO and ARPG game, allows players to play with different character classes.

Thus, Lost Ark, which creates a rich game content, also provides an enjoyable gameplay.

One of the characters in the game is Bard. The character, which is very enjoyable in terms of gameplay, also has some advantages and disadvantages. Bard is a support character and helps her teammates with her skills in PvP or PvE.

Today, we have prepared a Bard leveling guide in Lost Ark.

Bard Leveling Guide in Lost Ark

Bard is one of the prominent characters in Lost Ark. Bard, who has skills that support his teammates in PvP or PvE, can sometimes be difficult in leveling.

On the other hand, by examining this guide we have prepared for you, you can easily level up and improve with the Bard character.

First of all, it is necessary to examine the Bard’s identity skill. Thus, by getting to know the character more closely, you can facilitate MOB kills.

Serenade is the Bard’s Identity Skill. Serenade Bars are earned by hitting attack abilities in combat. At any given time, you can build up to three bars.

You can use Serenade in two different ways. The first of these is the Serenade of Courage. This skill increases the attack damage of you and your friends. Second, there is the Serenade of Salvation. This heals to your allies.

As for Leveling, firstly Bard level up a bit hard up to level 14. This difficulty occurs because both the effects of his skills and the power of the character are a bit ineffective compared to other characters.

After leveling up to 14 Level, you need to make Sound Wave Vibration 7 level. After you unlock this skill, your damage power will also start to increase.

Then, after unlocking Sound Wave Vibration, you need to unlock Tenacity and Brilliant Sound Wave with Skill Points. On the other hand, if you want to build a PvE-focused Bard character, you can unlock it in Quick Cast instead of Tenacity.

When you reach level 18, the first thing you need to do is to upgrade Sound Holic to level 10. Next, you need to enable Focus Sound, Enhanced Duration, and Concentrated Fire from the Tripod.

Then, you should unlock the Wide Attack skill by making the Sound Wave Vibration level 10.

After making these two skills 10 levels, you can quickly make Sound Shock 4 level. Since the cooldown of this skill is quite short, it can be very useful.

You can also unlock Quick Cast and Frozen Stigma by raising Stigma to Level 7.

When you reach level 24, your Heavenly Performance skill will be unlocked. You can upgrade Wind of Music and Heavenly Performance to level 7.

You can activate Quickly Prepare and Enhanced Cast after leveling Wind of Music to 10 levels.

When you reach level 50, you can increase the Indomitable Performance skill to level 10. This skill is a shield ability and can give you a serious advantage in battles.

Awakening Skills of Bard

Like every character in Lost Ark, Bard has awakening skills. The first of these is Orator, and this skill gives a 12% critical hit chance when it is used.

The second awakening skill is Symphony. This skill gives a shield to your allies for 10 seconds. In addition, the enemy’s attack strength, speed, and movement speed are reduced when they hit the shield during this period.

Written by Borut Udovic

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