Lost Ark: Berserker Leveling Guide

Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Guide

The Warrior class in Lost Ark are considered as the powerhouses who specialize in defense and damage. They often wear heavy armor that helps them soak damage and support their team. They exchange mobility and nimbleness for defense and additional power.

Berserker is one of the three currently available Warrior advanced classes. Generally, Berserkers offer high-damage greatsword attacks and have formidable defenses to soak damage. Once they enter “burst” mode, they become unstoppable and have an increased attack speed, movement speed and unlock a special skill.

Berserker Leveling Guide


Here are 8 skills and their respective tripods that we recommend you prioritize when playing as a Berserker in Lost Ark. These skills will help you maximize your potential.

Finish Strike

Finish Strike can be unlocked at level 20. It thrusts your greatsword down and deals a lot of damage. It’s great for clearing large groups of mobs and good for single target burst damage. I recommend taking Tenacity, Weak Point Detection, and Lights Out as your main tripods.

Tempest Slash

Tempest Slash is a great gap closer that deals damage and launches your opponents in the air. You charge 4 meters toward the target location and slash at foes. It’s recommended to take Quick Prep, Enhanced Strike, and Driving Hit as your tripods.

Hell Blade

When using Hell Blade, you thrust your greatsword to the ground to inflict damage. You can hold for an additional 1.5s to attack 6 times to deal more damage. You can also try to hit the Perfect Zone to deal a lethal blow that inflicts massive damage to your enemies. It’s a great move to use against bosses that can help take away a huge chunk of their health. You can take Leap, Melt, and Earth Flip as your tripods.

Red Dust

Activating Red Dust swings your greatsword upward to deal damage. If you successfully hit an enemy, they take additional damage for up to 6s. It’s a Back Attack, so you can get the maximum effectiveness by using it on an unsuspecting enemy. As for your tripods, you can take Quick Prep, Vital Point Hit, and Red Wave.

Strike Wave

Strike Wave concentrates energy to your greatsword and releases it forward while cleaving the ground. It’s a charged skill that can be overcharged to deal some additional damage. It’s a pretty powerful skill with a long cooldown. For your tripods, you should take Quick Prep,  Cerberus, and Blaze Wave.

Diving Slash

Diving Slash is another excellent mobility skill. You can leap up to 8 meters to your target location and use your greatsword to strike downward. It deals decent damage and launches enemies hit into the air. It’s also a Back Attack making it more effective against unsuspecting foes. The only tripod you need for this skill is the Excellent Mobility tripod. Use your skill points on other skills instead.

Shoulder Charge

Similar to Tempest Slash, Shoulder Charge also allows you to charge forward towards a target location. You can charge up to 7 meters in distance, making it a relatively good gap closer. It’s a Back Attack as well, which means it’s more effective against enemies who have their back turned against you. I recommend only spending 4 points on Shoulder Charge to get the Excellent Mobility tripod and save your points for other skills.


Whirlwind sort of transforms you into an actual whirlwind. You spin around for 3 seconds with your greatsword outstretched, dealing damage to anyone you hit. It’s best to take Sustain Enhancement and Cracked Blade as your tripods for Whirlwind. These increase the duration and range of Whirlwind.

Those were the different skills that we believe you should prioritize when playing as a Berserker in Lost Ark. Remember, this is only a guide, and you can still change the skills or tripods according to your own personal preferences.

Written by Borut Udovic

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