Lost Ark: Bulletin Board | Where to Find

Lost Ark’s huge open-world can sometimes become very overwhelming leaving its players confused. Due to the complex structure of the map, many people waste their precious time looking for things. In this guide, we will tell you the exact location of the Raid Bulletin Board in Lost Ark.

During the “A Roster Quest to Defeat Ur’nil ”in Lost Ark, you are required to find the Raid Bulletin Board. While it was introduced earlier during the story, players often overlook it because its exact position is not mentioned on the map.

Raid Bulleting Board – Lost Ark

The Raid Bulletin Board is also known as the Guardian Board because it allows you to embark on Guardian Battles in the game.

The Guardian Battle are end game battles where 4 players need to defeat a Guardian boss together in co-op. Each battle lasts for 20 minutes and every boss has its own mechanics.

These raids are unlocked after players reach level 50 and finish the “Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate” guide quest. You also need to complete the tutorial quests in Vern to unlock these raids. After you meet all the requirements, you can head over to the Raid Bulletin Board to start a Guardian battle.

The Raid Bulletin Board can be found in the North Vern continent. It is located in the Military District of the Vern Castle area as shown above.

Remember that you need to be at least level 50 and complete the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate quest in order to access the Bulletin Board.

Written by Borut Udovic

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