Lost Ark: Burnt With Love Location

In every single continent there are hidden stories. With opening up the adventure guide and choosing the continent you want to work on, you have hidden interesting stories that are worth a shot to try and discover. Some funny, some sad and some emotional, the hidden stories are always fun to do when you have some extra time!

This guide will reveal the location of the Burnt With Love hidden story.

Burnt With Love Location – Lost Ark

First off you want to go to the Retharmis continent. From there open up your map and locate the Retharmis Border. Travel to the Regria Monastery or take the Triport if you have it.

Once you teleport to there, open up the map and locate this exact area.

The red marked area is the location where you are needed to go in order to find the Hidden Story.

Once traveled there, you will see a burning campfire and some monsters wondering around. Move into the fire deeper and hover over with your cursor on it. You will notice your cursor is changed and that you need to investigate something.

Once the bar fills up you will get a message on your screen saying “Charred remains of what appears to be a frog. There is a melted ring hanging from its little neck – Hidden Story”.

And just like that, you have unlocked the hidden story Burnt with Love.

Written by Borut Udovic

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