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The cards system for many players is just an irrelevant part of the game. But in fact, the card system is really important. Once you start leveling up, you will gain random cards in your inventory, you just right-click them and they go in your cards collection.

This card system is part of your roster. That means that it is a cross character system, meaning that you can farm them with alts. I will explain how the cards system works in Lost Ark.

Cards Guide – Lost Ark

Once you hit on the bottom right corner on “Roster” you will find your Card Catalog. Here you will find all the cards that you own and keep track of them. This catalog is split into three different sections, “Equip”, “Books”, and “Enhance”.

Equipped cards & Card Sets & Card Classes

The Equip section of the catalog is for actively used cards. Some cards are just there to fill in the collection, only 6 cards can be equipped on a Card Deck. A Card Deck can be renamed, meaning you can make more builds for a playstyle of your likings, such as DPS, Tank, Healer, Melee, and Sorcery.

There are a few sets for cards, that once you have aligned a certain set, you will get set bonuses. There are a lot of card classes for you to choose from. Read out their effects and see which card effect suits you best.

All these card classes go by rarity, starting from the top one to be the most common, to the last one being the rarest.
The bonuses variate depending on how many equipped cards you have from the set that you play.


Books are amazing. The books work in a similar way like the cards do. But rather than setting up your card deck, the books come with small decks that give enhance you with permanent bonus abilities.

The books also give bonus abilities once you have collected a number of numbers of the same card. For example on the image above, where it says “Book Collection Bonus”. You will be given a bonus of 5 Physical attack damage and 3 magic defense once you have collected 5 cards of the same type. Once you collect 25 cards, with 5 cards being the same class that the book required, you get a massive permanent boost in your character until you have that book equipped.


This is where it gets more interesting. Card Enhancement is basically leveling up the card using “Card XP Enhancement Points”. Depending on what level the card is and how much you want to level it, there will be a cost. It costs silver, XP Enhancement Points, and sometimes even cards of the same type will be needed to be destroyed in order to level up the card that you want to level.

How to Collect Cards

All these cards come from some places. And it’s hard to keep track of where they all come from. There is Card Codex in Lost Ark, this Codex will give you a list of all the cards in the game, once you press on the card, a small window will show the location of the card and the way to obtain it.

Some cards are obtained through an achievement. That means that you can only get them once. No worries, the game has planned that out too, simply all you need to do in this situation is to open up the shop and purchase a (Weekly) Card Bundle that costs 120 Purple Crystals. From here you can obtain any card you want and combine them in order to level up the other cards.

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