Lost Ark: Casrick Location

Some bosses in Lost Ark are hard to find, due to their lore and uniqueness. Others are pinpointed around the map from quests or events. Once you start looking and you struggle, something inside make a player angry for not being able to finish the task that he wanted. Casrick is one of those bosses who is hidden in a room and his location is not revealed publicly.

In this guide I will show you exactly where Casrick is located.

Casrick Location – Lost Ark

Casrick is a very interesting looking boss who is located at the Balankar Mountains in a giant room which is on the eastern corner of the map. To get to this location you firstly need to open up the North Vern continent and select Balankar Mountains.

Once you have selected Balankar Mountains, you will be shown a map where the boss is staying. On the exact pinpointed location on the picture, you will find Casrick waiting for fellow enemies to attack.

Written by Borut Udovic

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