Lost Ark Chuo Boss Guide

The Chuo is a level 44 beast that can be found in the Twilight Mists region of the Annika continent. You need to head over to the marker shown below in the Cloud Valley region of the map

Chuo Boss Guide

Chuo Boss Location

Chuo is an ancient beast that has been protecting the forests from disasters from a long time. A tireless beacon of justice and peace, it was dedicated to protecting the lives of mortals from evil. It was loved by the people from its vigilance however its soul was slowly encroached upon by darkness.

The dark energy threatened to consume its soul completely but Chuo didn’t want to destroy everything he had lived for and decided to go into hiding. Since this time, Chuo has been waiting for someone to arrive and free his soul from the dark energy.

Defeating Chuo can be quite difficult since he spawns a bunch of enemies around him and attacks the players with his paws. During his main attack, he also rushes forward trampling everything in his path. It is recommended that you fight this beast with your friends in order to defeat him quickly.

Written by Borut Udovic

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