Lost Ark: Crook Catcher Daily Quest (Walkthrough)

The Crook Catcher daily quest is located at Runaways Island. This is a quest where you are needed to move around the map, in this situation it’s a close radius between all crooks and you wouldn’t have to worry too much on figuring out what their location is. There are small problems in the game which delay the crooks to pop up in the game.

No worries, this walkthrough will briefly explain how to catch all three crooks in Runaways Island.

Crook Catcher Daily Quest – Lost Ark

So the quest is simple. Accept it and you will get a location on where the crook is hiding and your job is to catch him. There are a total of 3 crooks which need to be caught.

  • The Lockpicker
  • The Prisoner Ransomer
  • Noble Impersonator

Once you catch these 3 crooks. You will be able to turn in your quest and get rewards.

The Lockpicker Location

The lockpicker is located on a rooftop right in the middle of the map, you will have arrows which you can select and jump onto the building, although the criminal will not be there you have to wait a few seconds for him to show up. That is just a problem in the game for some reason. Once he shows up just select him and head to the other two.

The Prisoner Ransomer Location

This fella is located a bit North from the house where the lock picker was. Around him there should be two NPCs who will be having a conversation. Move around them a little bit until the Prisoner Ransomer shows up and catch him.

Noble Impersonator Location

The Noble Impersonator is located West from the building where The Lockpicker was. He will pop out from a shack filled with a bunch of hay bales. Wait a little bit for the game to realize that you are there.
The Noble Impersonator will pop up and you are free to catch him.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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