Lost Ark Deadeye Leveling Guide

Because this is primarily a close-ranged gunner, you should be aware of it since successful hits are crucial to its effectiveness. The danger is that you will get too close, which makes you more vulnerable to harm and other features. However, if you master this class, you’ll be able to do incredible damage.

The Gunslinger is a variant of Deadeye’s class, with only minor variations. The Gunslinger has additional sniper rifle-related actions, for example. She can upgrade her abilities by using her tripods to get rid of the rear assaults, giving her greater adaptability in varied circumstances.

The Deadeye, on the other hand, takes advantage of point-blank and back assaults to reach its maximum DPS. It’s crucial knowledge so you can understand the playstyle of the Deadeye better.

Leveling Guide Deadeye – Lost Ark

The Deadeye has two class inscriptions, just like all of the Lost Ark classes. The first is the Enhanced Weapon, which increases your critical hit rate by 30% when you change weapons. This is the most frequent class inscription used by nearly all end-game players.

The second, Pistoleer, removes the shotgun and sniper from the class, giving a 60 percent boost to pistol damage and improving our damage against staggered opponents. When you reach the end game, we strongly recommend using the Enhanced weapon engraving though.

Lost Ark Deadeye Skills and Tripods

As previously said, the shotgun and pistol are used in virtually all late-game Dead Eye Raiders builds for damage. It also implies that you can anticipate seeing the pistol utilize a combination of AOE and mobile skills, while the shogun is where you’ll get most of your damage. It’s also worth noting that there’s a pistol-only build, but it’s pretty rare.

Tripods are simply buffs you may use on your abilities. Because the Deadeye is all about maximizing damage through the shotgun, you should concentrate your skill points on it. You should invest your tripods in anything that helps you deal more damage with the shotguns.

Lost Ark Deadeye Awakenings

There are two Lost Ark Deadeye Awakenings. Clay Bombardment sends explosives in a circle around you. The second is Bursting Flare, which fires a sniper rifle three times and causes significant damage to the first target hit. The first two shots do considerable damage to the initial target struck, while the third does extra bonus damage. The last shot also has a knock-back effect on enemies.

Lost Ark Deadeye Gems

The most frequent gems on a Lost Ark Deadeye build are those that increase casting speed. The reason for this is because the shotgun of the Deadeye has a lot of hold skills. Any gem that improves the rate at which your key damage abilities deal damage makes the class more reliable and smooth to play.

Cooldown reduction gems may be used in conjunction with fire and forget abilities. As a result, you’re more likely to revert to using other weapons to utilize those cooldowns. It automatically improves your capacity to keep up your empower weapon buff duration if you utilize that class inscription.

If you pick Pistoleer, you’ll want cooldown-reducing gems. You only have eight skills, so utilizing damage boosts from the pistoleer engraving isn’t necessary. As a result, the more CD gems you use, the better.


The Deadeye is a powerful class in Lost Ark that can deal incredible damage if mastered correctly. In order to do this, you need to understand the playstyle of the class and how its abilities work. You also need to know what tripods and engravings to use for your build. Finally, knowing what awakenings and gems to use will help you maximize your DPS.

Written by Borut Udovic

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