Lost Ark: Deathblade Leveling Guide

Deathblade Leveling Guide

Deathblade is one of the 15 major subclasses in Lost Ark. It’s considered as a melee DPS class that deals a ton of damage, is flexible, and fast. It has a fast-paced playstyle that’s perfect for players who prefer quick attacks and quick combos.

Assassins are melee fighters that come equipped with swords to slash and cut their foes with. Additionally, they also channel the dark powers to fight using demonic attacks while being quick and stealthy.

Deathblade makes use of three different swords. They dual-wield light blades for fast-paced combo attacks that deal a lot of damage and use a longsword to overpower enemies and deal the killing blow.

Deathblade Leveling Guide


A Deathblade’s playstyle is very similar to that of Rogue classes in other RPG games. They are generally stealthy characters that enjoy dealing damage from behind. They are definitely built for PvP battles and are one of the best PvP classes to choose.

However, they are also great for PvE. They just have to make sure to stay behind single targets to maximize damage and use their limited AOE attacks and abilities wisely. The Deathblade is a challenging but rewarding class. They can easily dominate any other class in the game when used correctly.

To help you get on the right track, here’s our Deathblade leveling guide.


It’s a great starting skill that you should definitely keep until you’re level 50. It offers great mobility and can be used as a great way to set up your other skills with an AOE combo. It’s overall a pretty powerful and useful skill.


Polestar is a skill that you’ll want to use around level 10. You’ll want to take Weak Point Detection and Vital Point Hit as your effects. You don’t have to max out Polestar since you can get more powerful skills later on.

Dark Axel

Dark Axel is a really good mobility skill when maxed out. It also deals decent damage. You’ll want to take Swift Fingers for attack speed, Tenacity, and High Axel for that extra mobility.

Soul Absorber

At Level 14, you should get Soul Absorber. It’s an amazing skill that you should definitely max out first when you unlock it. Take Swift Fingers, Fist of Darkness, and Halve as your effects. It’s one of the best abilities in the early game and can help you deal a lot of damage to clear mobs quickly and easily defeat bosses.

Earth Cleaver

At level 20, you can get Earth Cleaver. It isn’t the best ability, but it’s a useful one. It’s more of a filler ability that can help you in certain situations. I don’t recommend maxing this out or spending too many skill points on it. If you have some extra, make sure to get Push, but other than that, don’t even bother.

Moonlight Sonic

Once you’re at level 24, you get access to one of your best and most important abilities. Moonlight Sonic is an insanely powerful AOE skill that deals a lot of damage. You will surely feel a huge power spike once you unlock Moonlight Sonic. Make sure to max it out as soon as you get it, even if it means removing points from other skills. Take Fist of Darkness, Sustain Enhancement, and Shade Sonic.


You can get Maelstorm by level 32. It’s a great utility and mobility ability that gives you more specialty gain and a group-wide movement speed and attack speed buff. I suggest taking Orb Control and Dark Order if you have the skill points to spend. If you don’t, just take Orb Control and leave Dark Order for later.

Blitz Rush

Finally, we have Blitz Rush. You can use it starting from level 40. It’s an overall great all-around ability that can be adjusted to your preference. I’d definitely suggest taking Wide-Angle Attack, Dark Charge, and Shadow Rush. This specific build will help you do damage to different mob types and groups, as well as a higher single target DPS. Make sure to max out Blitz Rush as soon as you can.

Those were all the different skills that you should get when using Deathblade and how to properly use them. These 8 skills are the most important skills that you can use during combat and when leveling up.

Written by Borut Udovic

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