Lost Ark Destroyer Leveling Guide

Destroyer Leveling Guide

Destroyer is an advanced class from the Warrior class. They wield a mighty hammer and are capable of outputting insane damage numbers. Like most Warriors in the game, they have a tank-like playstyle and can deal high stagger moves and AOE effects.

Destroyers also have excellent CC that makes them great at controlling large groups of mobs. Overall, Destroyers are great if you’re looking to play an amazing damage-tank hybrid class.

The Destroyer class is only currently available in Korea and Russia, but devs have said that they are planning to release extra classes to other regions in the future.

Destroyer Leveling Guide – Lost Ark


Here’s the current best build for Destroyers in Lost Ark. Note that these may change when these classes get released in other regions.


Using Dreadnaught concentrates your energy cores and then hits the ground to create a shockwave. This shockwave deals damage. Using the momentum, you jump high and slam your hammer down to inflict more damage to enemies. The best tripods are Irresistible Force, Toughened Body, and Splendid Attack.

Earth Eater

Earth Eater smashes the ground behind you then delivers a horizontal swing with chunks of rocks flying all over. You also spin a total of 3 times, with each spin inflicting greater damage every time. It’s best if you take Absolute Strength, Earth Shock, and Earthen Rage.

Full Swing

When you activate Full Swing, you strike behind and spin 360 degrees damaging surrounding enemies 3 times. You can also overcharge it to deal some additional damage. You can take Quick Prep and Scary Hammer as your tripods for Full Swing.

Gravity Force

You hold your hammer close to the hammerhead and swing it at foes in front of you. Your hammer then releases gravitational that attacks foes in a straight line up to 7 times and pulls them close. You can take Toughened Body, Single Attack, and Released Instinct as your tripods.

Gravity Impact

Using Gravity Impact strikes your hammer downward and starts injecting gravitational energy where you stand. You then gradually pull and attack foes a total of 8 times. The gravitational energy then causes an explosion that pulls foes closer and inflicts more damage. I recommend using Gravity Enhancement, Tough Mind, and Will Enhancement.

Heavy Crush

Heavy Crush is available starting from level 10. You simply raise your hammer above your head and then smash the ground with great gravitational force. Earthen Strength, Lucky Core, and Wide Hit are the recommended tripods to take.

Jumping Smash

Jumping Smash is a great mobility skill that allows you to leap to a targeted location within 10 meters. You then swing your hammer at the ground to inflict damage. Take Hammer of the Earth, Bizarre Hammer, and Smash as your tripods.

Power Shoulder

Power Shoulder is a great move where you crouch and charge 5 meters forward, attacking up to 4 times. You can also combo this to raise the hammer high, inflict damage, and launch foes into the air. Toughened Body, Anti-Gravity, and Express Fury are the recommended tripods.

Power Strike

Power Strike raises your hammer above your head and smashes the ground 3 times. Each strike increases the damage dealt. I recommend using Quick Prep, Wide Hit, Endless Assault as your tripods.

Those were the skills that you should use and prioritize when leveling up using a Berserker. Remember, this can still change when the Berserker class gets released to other regions.

Written by Borut Udovic

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