Lost Ark: Dream Stricken Elzowin Quest Guide

The Dream Stricken Elzowin quest is a dungeon quest where you must enter the dungeon located in Forgotten Landing in the Elzowin’s Shade area on the Rohendel continent. You will be required to defend the Ark against Brelshaza.

The dungeon is located on the far North Western end of the map in Forgotten Landing, You can start it on normal difficulty or hard. With a group you will enter inside and fight off the enemies

This guide will show you how to solve the Dream Stricken Elzowin Quest in Lost Ark.

Dream Stricken Elzowin Quest Guide – Lost Ark

It is the Phantom Palace which needs to be entered with a group of four members in Normal or Hard difficulty. Once you are inside you will see a beautiful palace filled with enemies that need to be defeated in order to protect the Ark.

Once you are inside you will get another quest from the dungeon itself, named “Phantom Palace” which will give you multiple quest achievements as you go deeper into the dungeon, you will be required to defeat Phantom Gargoyles, and then enter the Collapsed Garden where you must defeat the Phantom Legion forces.

You then will be needed to solve a quick puzzle in order to open a portal and make your way through the Phantom Castle Wall.

A series of traps and difficulties will be awaiting you on the Phantom Castle Wall. You must dodge them in order to not die, they do more damage than you think they do. Once all the traps are finished, the Phantom Legion Rook will be the boss that you must defeat in order to continue your journey.

When you kill the boss you will go through the teleport again and enter the Phantom Palace, where you need to climb onto the Chess Chamber and start playing a game of chess. This is simple, just take the Knight and move it next to the Pawn. That will open another portal to another Phantom Arena.

Next you need to defeat the rest of the Phantom Legion forces in that area and make your way forward to the bridge where the Phantom Lord Knight will be waiting for you to kill!

Once the Phantom Legion Knight has been defeated, head North West where the portal gate will be opened again and take you back to the Phantom Palace, where you are needed to play a game of chess again. Where you must move the Queen and the Pawn to the correct areas. That will open another portal to the Mirror Room.

Once inside the Mirror Room, you must continue your path and come to a chess plated floor where massive amounts of Phantom Legion forces will come and you must defeat them. Once the Phantom Legion forces are defeated, part of the chess floor will collapse and the Phantom Legion Queen will be summoned which you must kill.

Once the Phantom Legion Queen has been defeated, take the portal back to the Chess Chamber where you will see most of the chess pieces be destroyed, a cut scene will pop up, looking like the King Audience Chamber will open up, which you must enter and defeat the following Phantom Legion Forces. A big Phantom Puppet will be summoned amongst the Phantom Legion forces.

When everyone is killed, you will get the option to open the door to the Audience Chamber and reach the Heart of Palace.

Here is where you will meet and destroy Brelshaza. This is a 3 phase boss where on each phase she will take you to a deeper abyss. The third phase is rather interesting is because when you take her to her last 5% health, she will gain 7 new health bars and you need to kill her again.

Once the wicked Brezshaza is defeated, you will need to speak with Azena, the Sylvian Queen and finish both the quests!

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