Lost Ark: Elzowins Shade (Quest) The Book Of Time locations

Elzowins Shade is an amazing place full of harmony. People can go here to relax and learn much more about the meaning of true nature. The Book of Time shies here with true knowledge once you find the perfect spot for learning. It is a special book known to show you its knowledge once you have stepped into the right circle.

In this guide I will show you how to find the right location in order to use The Book of Time in Lost Ark.

Elzowins Shade quest The Book of Time Locations – Lost Ark

Once you have accepted the quest “The Book of Time” you are going to need to use the book in order to gain its knowledge. Upon trying multiple times to use the book you are unable to do so. Reason being is that you need a specific marked spot in Elzowins Shade in order for the book to shine its letters and show you what it has to offer.

Upon opening the map you need to find the Rohendel continent, click on it and you will see the Elzowins Shade location where you need to go.

From there, you are needed to go to Forgotten Landing and head west until you reach a point where you need to start jumping from cliffs to cliffs in order to find the right spot.

It is supposed to take 3 jumps in order to get to the right spot. Once you see an orangey circle marked on the ground of the cliff, simply just click on the book and try using it. A bar is going to start filling up, saying: The letters on the book start glowing.

From here on you will read the book and finish the quest!

Written by Borut Udovic

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