Lost Ark: Erasmo’s Island Token Guide & All Mokoko Seed Locations

Erasmo’s island is an open island where you can enter at any given time. To get the Island token, you will need to defeat a boss, which is located on the island and there are also two Mokoko Seeds hidden on the island.

Erasmo’s Island Token Guide & All Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

Erasmo’s Island is located between North Vern and Anikka continent.

To obtain the Island Token, you must wait for the appropriate time for the boss to spawn. The boss only spawns 3 times a day, meaning that you must check your alarm clock on your top left side of the screen to see when it becomes available.

When the timer is right, you need to be at the island and play the “Song of Resonance” 15 times for the boss to spawn. Once spawned, kill it and you will be able to claim the rewards from the Erasmo quest, which will contain the Erasmo’s Island Token.

Mokoko Seed Locations (Seed 1 & 2)

There are two Mokoko Seeds on this island.
The first seed is located on the southern side of the island and you can spot it right next to some water, hidden in the grass.

The second Mokoko Seed is located just under the first one and is easy to find. You will locate it at the south edge of the island where it’s hidden in some grass as well.

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