Lost Ark: Fantasm Island Mokoko Seed Locations

The Mokoko seeds are small hidden collectibles which can be found all over the map of World Ark. These seeds grant you achievements and are a fun and interesting way to be more active in the game and look for them. It’s funny when you realize that you have passed one location many times and then figure out that there was a Mokoko seed there.

In this guide I will show you all the Fantasm Island Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark.

Fantasm Island Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

  1. Location

The first location of the Mokoko Seed is located on the Western end of the map. You will find the seed hidden right under a small blue tree and next to some green shiny grass.

  1. Location (2 & 3 & 4 seed)

This location is really interesting because there is a hidden path on the map which leads to a secret room. The path is found on the North point of the map and you are supposed to go North into the trees until you enter a room.

Once you are inside. You will see a sorcerer statue standing there, while in front of him, play the Song of Resonance in order to move the statue backwards which will open another secret area.

Once the statue has opened a path for you, go behind it and in a bush hidden right on the end of the room, you will find the second Mokoko seed that is required.

Next thing to do is enter the other secret room and the two Mokoko seeds will be on the ground waiting for you to grab them.

Written by Borut Udovic

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