Lost Ark: Gunlancer Leveling Guide

Lost Ark Gunlancer Leveling Guide

Lost Ark is one of the newest games to take the world by storm. It’s a free-to-play MMORPG game that was published by Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios. Unfortunately, it’s only available to a few regions at the moment, but they are looking to expand in the future.

The game features a total of 5 main classes with 15 subclasses for players to choose from. This allows you to fine-tune your character to your gameplay and use a variety of skills unique to your class.

Today’s main focus is going to be on the Warrior subclass, the Gunlancer.

Gunlancer Leveling Guide


The Gunlancer is a subclass under Warrior. In general, Warriors are tanky and considered as the powerhouses of Arkesia. They aren’t the fastest or the most flexible, but they can definitely stand their ground and make an impact.

The Gunlancer class is considered as the first line of defense. They fill the role of “tank” within the game and are helpful additions to PvE and PvP combat. The Gunlancer has a powerful shield that lets you ignore a lot of different attacks and shield your team from damage.

It’s a very beginner-friendly class because of its tankiness. Gunlancers also have a pretty straightforward playstyle, allowing you to simply sit back, take damage, and attack. It’s one of the best tanky classes in Lost Ark and is a valuable addition to any team.

Level 1

Let’s start things off at level 1. When you first become a Gunlancer, most of your skill choices aren’t that great. You can pretty much choose whichever you want. However, I do suggest taking Fire Bullet since it has a fairly low cooldown allowing you to spam it often.

Level 12

Once you reach level 12, you get your first good skill called Leap Attack. It’s a hard-hitting skill that also deals AOE damage, making it pretty great and reliable overall.

Level 14

You get Guardian Thunder at level 14. I highly recommend maxing this skill out over any other skill. You might even want to level down a few skills if needed. It will be your most reliable skill at this point and allow you to kill enemies quicker.

Level 18

Rush Shield is the next skill you’ll want to take. It can be a pretty great overall movement skill since Gunlancers are pretty slow. It can help you get through different areas without mounts a lot faster. It also deals some pretty decent damage.

Level 20

At 20, you should get Charge Stinger. It’s a hard-hitting charge attack that’s perfect for taking down bosses within the game. You can easily use Charge Stinger to deal a decent chunk of damage to bosses or other enemies with high health points. Overall, I recommend maxing this out, especially when facing boss fights.

Level 24

Next, at level 24, we can finally get a good mob-clearing skill. Warrior Scream is something you’ll want to get to at least level 7 so that you can unlock at least 2 tripods. You’ll want to get the “Weak meat and Strong Food” tripod to help you easily clear trash mobs.

You should be pretty much set from level 24 onwards. Feel free to choose the skills you like from here to level 40.

Level 40

At level 40, you can get Spear Shot. Spear Shot deals a lot of damage, has decent range, and even an AOE that groups mobs together, allowing you to easily take them down. Make sure to max it out as soon as you can.

Level 50

Once you reach level 50, you get your first Awakening quest from Beatrice. This quest will give you your first Awakening skill and also your final Gunlancer skill.

Those were all the different skills we recommend you take when leveling up as a Gunlancer in Lost Ark. Overall, these skills will help you throughout the grinding process and allow you to quickly reach level 50.

Written by Borut Udovic

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