Lost Ark: Gunslinger Leveling Guide

Lost Ark Gunslinger Leveling Guide

The Gunslinger subclass belongs to the Gunner class in Lost Ark. Gunners are wielders of high-tech weapons or bow and arrows. They are the sharpshooters within the game and like to keep their distance while dealing insane damage.

Gunslingers have a gun for every occasion and can switch between them quickly at will. They are deadly at all ranges, very mobile, and hard to pin down. Gunslingers can deal a lot of damage and can unload a flurry of bullets quicker than you can say, “BOOM!”

To help you use the right skills as a Gunslinger, here’s a Gunslinger leveling guide for Lost Ark.

Gunslinger Leveling Guide


Gunslingers have three different weapons that you can cycle through. Dual pistols are Gunslinger’s main utility weapon. Wielding dual pistols can allow Gunslingers to perform buffs, debuffs and keep her high mobility

Next, Gunslingers can also use shotguns. Shotguns can be used as a close-range burst attack that deals some serious damage. It’s also a great weapon to use when clearing lots of trash mobs.

Finally, the Gunslinger’s most powerful weapon is the rifle. The rifle can deal devastating damage at long range and is the perfect weapon to use if you want to keep your distance. Using the Peacemaker engraving also adds some extra functions to your rifle.

Overall, Gunslingers have great mobility, high damage, and good speed. She requires great positioning because of their low HP and defense stats but is an overall good DPS role if you can stay away from danger.

Bullet Rain

Bullet Rain fires a barrage of bullets directly in front of you. This skill deals massive damage if you can manage to hit most of your shots. Take Vital Point Shot, Rapid Fire, and Flame Shot as your tripods.


Equilibrium rapidly fires your pistol in numerous directions. It’s another great AOE skill that deals some serious damage. It’s best used when you’re getting overwhelmed, and many enemies are converging on you. Using Weakness Exposure, Enemy Raid, and Vital Point Shot will help you get more value out of Equilibrium.

Perfect Shot

Perfect Shot is a great initiation skill to use. It fires a high-caliber bullet that deals great damage. You can also aim and try to hit enemies within the perfect zone to inflict an insane amount of damage and knock enemies back. Take Bleed Effect, Precision Shot, and Enhanced Shot as your tripods.


Sharpshooter makes use of 2 shotguns, one in each hand, to fire 7 shots that deal massive damage to all enemies hit. It’s one of the most powerful shotgun skills you can use as a gunslinger. Use Special Bullet, In a Tight Spot, and Frost Haven.

Spiral Flame

Spiral Flame fires a massive bullet from your rifle that launches the enemies in the air. It also deals some decent burst damage. I recommend taking Ice Shot, Kill Confirmation, and Rear Blast as your main tripods.

Dextrous Shot

Similar to Equilibrium, Dextrous Shot also shoots your pistol in different directions. The only difference is that Dextrous Shot moves you forward while Equilibrium is stationary. Dextrous Shot is a great mobility and utility skill that allows you to reposition while dealing some extra damage. Use Weakness Exposure, Master of Evasion, and Agile Shot.

Spiral Tracker

Spiral Tracker deals some decent AOE damage and has a relatively low cooldown. It’s best used with Weakness Exposure, Quick Pace, and Whirlpool. This should help deal some extra damage and grant a debuff to the enemies that get inflicted by the pistols.

Those were all the different skills that you have to focus on as a Gunslinger. Remember, you can still experiment and change things up. One of the best things about Lost Ark is that there is no one correct way to play the game. You can pretty much adjust everything according to your playstyle and what you are comfortable with.

Written by Borut Udovic

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