Lost Ark: How To Get Back To Beatrice in Trixion

Trixion is a location where you are needed to go to once you have started your NPC relationship pink quest. Interacting with Beatrice will open a variety of quests that you can do for Beatrice in order to increase your reputation with her.

Many players have stumbled upon a quest named “A Walking Nightmare”. The description of the quest says that Beatrice had a nightmare that she was stuck in Trixion and cannot get out. Well, that nightmare has come true for you as well.

This guide will help you get out of Trixion and get back to Beatrice in Lost Ark

How to get back to Beatrice in Trixion – Lost Ark

Most of the players are trying to find teleports all around the maps of Lost Ark to get out of their quest location and go back to Beatrice in Trixion. They cannot find a single teleportation solution to get to Trixion.

Once you have accepted the “A Walking Nightmare” quest in Lost Ark. You will be required to return to Beatrice in Trixion in order to finish the quest and continue on with your journey.

The solution to your problems is simple really. Just open up your Sheet Music and locate the song named “Song of Trixion”. This is a useful song to have because Beatrice can send you across different continents and you need a faster way to get back and continue with your questing.

Written by Borut Udovic

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