Lost Ark: How To Get Brahms Ship

Different ships have different statistics in the game, some are stronger than others, and some are faster than others. Brahms ship is an interesting and a good looking ship to acquire.

To get this ship is pretty simple, you just need to have some patience in doing the daily quests which you are offered at the start of the required island.

This guide will show you how to acquire Brahms Ship in Lost Ark.

How to get Brahms Ship – Lost Ark

It’s rather simple really, to get the ship, all you need to do is a bunch of daily quests until the last quests appears and you get the ship itself.

Starting off in Lopang Island, which is located east of North Vern. We have a yellow quest which will begin our adventure in getting the ship.

Once there, finish the yellow quest in Lopang Island to unlock Una’s Daily Tasks.

The Daily quests are rather easy to do, all you are needed to do is gather shipments and deliver them to the signed location. It will take around 10 times to do these quests which can take several days, but playing this with an alt as well can speed up the process.

Once you reach level 4 reputation with the Lopang Inc. which you get the quest item and claim your Brahms ship.

Written by Borut Udovic

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