Lost Ark: How To Get Dawn Chamkuri Mount

The Dawn Chamkuri mount is an interesting, yet rather funny looking mount. This is a fast mount which has a skill that can make you sprint for a short period of time. It has the same mobility speed as any other mount, however the sprint ability that it has, makes it a bit better than any regular mount which is really nice. It cannot dash forward.

This guide will show you what you need to have and to do in order to obtain the Dawn Chamkuri Mount in Lost Ark.

How to get Dawn Chamkuri Mount – Lost Ark

In order to begin the quest line which gives you the mount you are required to have a minimal item level of 460. That is being done once you finish your Shushire quest line.

Once you have reached item level 460, you can head to Rohendel and begin the questline there. Once you begin the questline there, almost half way on the questline you shall meet up with a Wizard named Digne, who will be the one to give you the mount once you finish the quest.

After you have gotten the mount from Digne, you can simply just equip it and ride it like any other mount in the game.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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