Lost Ark: How To Get Ghost Ship

The ghost ship is a weekly event that you can do only once a week. If you do it with one character, you can’t do it with another one. The Ghost Ship event is not available every day, only one day of the week and when it’s available, it spawns every hour. There are mainly 3 difficulties for this event, one for 460, 960, 1370 Item Level.

This guide will show you how to get the Ghost Ship in Lost Ark.

How to get Ghost Ship – Lost Ark

The only way for you to get this ship is to do the Bleak Night Fog quest. Which is done by killing the boss in the Ghost Ship. It is a reputation gaining quest, meaning that if you want to get the Ghost Ship, you need to do the weekly quest 12 times which will take you 12 weeks to do. Since the Bleak Night Fog quest is a daily quest, you can only do it once per day, meaning only once per week as well.

Once you have completed the quest 12 times, you will gain 12000 reputation and automatically get the Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound.

Written by Borut Udovic

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