Lost Ark: How to get Notos Orca Ship Skin

The Notos Orca Ship skin is an easy skin to obtain, and basically you can get it for free… You are just going to need to do some objectives which give you Amethyst Shards and then you exchange the shards for the Orca Ship skin. The Ship skin is amazing because it boosts your sailing speed, which helps in sailing around waters which you will be doing a lot.

This guide will show you how to get the Notos Orca Ship Skin in Lost Ark.

How to get Notos Orca Ship Skin – Lost Ark

In order to begin collecting Amethyst Shards for your orca skin, you are needed to head to one of the main cities and locate the Amethyst Exchange Vendor. He will have many different things for you to trade with, even the Orca skin.

He will offer you the Orca Ship skin for 6600 Amethyst shards. You can obtain these shards by doing different objectives which only cost time. Nothing else to purchase!

You can do many achievements in order to collect 6600 Amethyst shards and collect the skin. These types of achievements can be:

  • First Step. Light’s Call – Complete the Prologue without skipping.
  • Universal Troubleshooter – Increase a character to Combat Lv. 50 for the first in the Roster.
  • We’re All Buddies! – Join a guild.
  • First Step – Enter the Proving Grounds.
  • Begginer’s Luck – Win in Proving Grounds.
  • People Person – Number of friends registered.

After all these are done, you will be missing a few more Amethyst Shards. But just do a few simple achievements that will fill you up to 6600 and you will be all set.

Written by Borut Udovic

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