Lost Ark: How to get Peach Wine

Lost Ark has tons of collectibles and items that can be collected by players. One such useful item is peach wine. In this guide, we will tell you where you can find it and how useful it is.

The Peach wine is a sweet wine brewed with special peaches that are found in Shangra. It is only appreciated by those people having the clearest of minds. The specialty of this wine is that it provides special energy to its drinker allowing him to access places that are restricted to normal people. It is a rare item that can be only be found and used only in Shangra.

Peach Wine – Lost Ark

In order to obtain the Peach wine, you need to head over to Shangra Island. Once you reach there, collect at least 20 firm peaches. You can obtain these by destroying the Peach blossoms that are scattered across the island.

Once you have collected at least 20 peaches, head over to the Plump peach exchange on the island. Now you can trade your firm peaches to obtain the peach wine from the exchange.

You can also upgrade the Peach wine to Blooming Spring Peace which is an item of epic rarity. Doing this will allow the effect of the wine to last for 10 minutes instead of the current 5 minutes.

The Peach wine can be used to explore hidden paths to grab collectibles like Mokoko seeds and chests. Some quests and achievements on Shangra Island also require players to have the Peach Wine or the Blooming Spring Wine to complete them.

That’s everything you need to know about this special wine. Now go ahead and use it to explore the hidden paths of Shangra Island!

Written by Borut Udovic

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