Lost Ark: How To Get Starsand Cocktail

Lost Ark’s huge open-world has tons of collectables and players to collect. One of them is the Starsand Cocktail in the game.

In this guide, we will tell you the exact location of the Starsand Cocktail in Lost Ark.

How To Get Starsand Cocktail – Lost Ark

The Starsand cocktail is described as a strong cocktail made by mixing together strong liquor and various tropical fruits. Drinking this tasty cocktail is a delight since it has a delicious flavour and provides visual pleasure if crafted by an experienced bartender.

You will require 3 Sweet Mojitos and 3 Punika Gin as ingredients for brewing this cocktail.

Now head over to the Tideshelf Path region located in the Punika continent.

After you reach there, go to the Mellow Beach area where you will find the two Sweet Mojito near the Palm trees at the edge of the beach.

The third Sweet Mojito can be found near the two huge rocks next to the ship at the top right corner of the beach.

Now that you have collected 3 Sweet Mojitos for the cocktail, it’s time to hunt for some Punika Gins. In order to collect them, go to the location shown above northwest of Central Plaza.

You will find two gins next to the two canoe boats near the Palm tree where the children are flying their kites.

The third gin can be found near the huge palm tree next to the two large huts at the corner of the map. It’s time to craft the Starsand Cocktail since you collected all the required ingredients for it.

In order to brew this tasty cocktail, you need to head over to the Nia Village located in the Punika continent of Arkesia. Once you reach there, head over to the Floral Scent Tavern found near the top-right edge of the map. Here you will meet a Cook named Gali who will help you craft the Starsand Cocktail. The crafting process will cost you 6000 Silvers and cannot be cancelled once started.

That’s it one Starsand cocktail will now be added to your inventory. Don’t throw away the empty cocktail after drinking it since it can be refilled at the same NPC and you can use it again in your future adventures.

This way you don’t have to find the ingredients again to craft multiple cocktails.

Written by Borut Udovic

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