Lost Ark: How To Get The Snowflake Deer Mount (Legendary Mount)

The Snowflake Deer Mount is a legendary mount, meaning it has several poses and some unique abilities. This is the second-fastest mount, and it is only topped off by the Vernese Elk mount.

This mount can perform a double jump, and what is even better about it is that it can switch the direction that it’s headed on the second jump. Meaning that it can switch corners pretty easily.

This guide will show you how to get the Snowflake Deer Mount in Lost Ark.

How to get the Snowflake Deer Mount – Lost Ark

The Snowflake Deer Mount in my opinion is the most unique of them all, due to the fact that it can perform a double jump and switch the direction in which it’s heading on the second jump. Once riding this mount becomes a habit. Movement and mobility will be simple and quick.

The only way currently to get the Snowflake Deer Mount is through the Cash Shop, spending 720 Purple Crystals. You can gather crystals by doing various activities in the game, such as:

  • Unlocking Achievements.
  • Finishing Quests.
  • Participate in Island Events.
  • Killing Bosses.

Or the simpler way is to purchase them through the shop with real-life money.

Written by Borut Udovic

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