Lost Ark: How to Jump From 600 to 802 Item Level Guide

The maximum level cap in Lost Ark is 50. Once you reach level 50, the main storyline ends. Now the next step is to farm for upgrade materials and get loot from chaos dungeons or guardian raids in order to increase your item level.

It’s common to see players who reach 600 item level, in a quick moment you will see them jump to 802 item level.

How to jump from 600 to 802 item level guide – Lost ark

Once you reach item level 600, you automatically unlock tier 2 content. With tier 2 content comes a special place and a special chaos dungeon called Yorn. In order to jump quickly from item level 600 to 802, head over to the Yorn continent where you will need to do a questline in order to unlock the Yorn dungeon.

The Yorn dungeon offers 802 item-level items that you can collect while running it. But in order to get 802 item-level items, you must use the Aura of Resonance, which you can only use once a day. Running the dungeon with the Aura of Resonance will grant you high-quality 802 item-level items.

Doing the dungeon only, without the Aura of Resonance will grant you accessories, which are useful but the gear is more important.

If you are wealthy in the game and you have reached 600 item level. You can open up the auction house and straight-up buy the 802 item-level items that come from the dungeon.

Here you will want to select some filters for searching. Set the minimum item level to 802 and select “Buy Now Price”, so it lists the items with the cheapest starting item.

Once you have filtered your search bar, you will want to look for items that are above 70 quality. Those are great for upcoming tier 2 content and are easily upgradeable.

Keep in mind that above 70 quality items will cost a bit more gold, but if you are wealthy and have extra gold laying around, this step is less time-consuming rather than farming in the Yorn Dungeon.

Do this step for all items such as your weapon, helmet, chest piece, pants, gloves, and shoulders. You will then get the items in your mail where you can take and gear them on you through your inventory.

NOTE: Make sure you don’t dismantle your own gear, you will use the gear to Gear Transfer the new one and get a +1.

Doing this step Gear Transfer step will throw away your old gear and add an extra level to your new one. It’s a waste of little silver but it is worth it.

Once everything is done and you jumped to item level 802, you can begin the process to build up towards Tier 3 from Tier 2.

Written by Borut Udovic

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