Lost Ark: How To Restore Spent Work Life Energy & Work Energy

Life energy is similar to a health bar in Lost Ark. Life energy is connected with gathering and harvesting materials for your gear upgrades. This bar goes down when resources are being gathered and materials are being harvested.

Many people want to continue gathering for a longer period of time but are unable to do so because they need to wait for that Life Energy bar to refill.

How To Restore Spent Life Energy & Work Energy – Lost Ark

Waiting on that work and life energy to be restored can sometimes be annoying. Some players just want to get that bar refilled faster. The game has introduced an item called “Leap’s Essence” and “Trade Potions Pack”

These two items are weekly items, meaning that you can only buy them and use them once per week. You still are not able to spam them and gather non-stop, but it’s still a way to restore that Life and Work energy bar faster sometimes. Make sure you time it correctly and you may end up gathering way more resources than you’d expect.

Written by Borut Udovic

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