Lost Ark: How To Skip The Honing Animation (Easy)

The Honing animation is a long animation that a big number of players wish that they’d just be able to skip. People have tried pressing random buttons to try and skip but nothing would work out.

There is actually a really simple solution to this problem which I will help you figure out and hopefully save you some time.

How to Skip the Honing Animation – Lost Ark

The Honing Animation appears once you go to a crafting vendor and craft your gear. And there is a window on the bottom of the screen that says Gear Honing, basically, this is your gear upgrade the place. You put in your item and place your upgrade materials in another window and you will see the chances of your weapon being leveled.

After you have pressed Honing the animation starts and it takes forever to finish. Simply what you can do is, when the honing animation starts, instantly press on the other window named Gear Transfer and press over to the Honing again. The animation will be gone and you can see if you have failed or leveled your equipment.

This is a nice way to save some time if you need to Honing an item more than 10-15 times.

Written by Borut Udovic

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