Lost Ark: Lance Master Leveling Guide

Welcome to our Lance Master Leveling Guide, below you will find some of the best tips & tricks for maximizing the ‘fun’ when playing with this class!

Lance Master Leveling – Lost Ark

1. Skills and Tripods

Blocking is a must for this class. The first couple of levels will be a pain as you don’t have many skills to work with, but once you get a few tripods and start leveling your blocking, it’ll become easier.

The Lance Master has a lot of skill points. If you want to max your tripods you’ll need to get ALL the way to level 14, which means maxing blocking up until that point, and leveling it past level 14.

As far as playstyle goes, it’s pretty simple. You either do 1 of 2 things: auto-attack, or use skills when available (duh). The reason I recommend you pick this class is that if played well it can deal a LOT of damage while also tanking monsters with ease.

2. Lost Ark Lance Master Engravings

Some of the Engravings you can pick include:

  • Swiftness – Increases attack and movement speed by 15%. In fact, this engraving is crucial to cover the weaknesses of the Lance Master class.
  • New Dawn -Decreases ult cooldown + gives 3 extra uses per fight.
  • Golem – One of the strongest general DPS engravings. Gives 16% attack power, reduces incoming healing by 25%.
  • Punishing Hand – Increases attack power by 18% but reduces attack speed by 10%. Engraving is quite strong in terms of outgoing numbers, but cutting speed attacks makes it very vile.

3. Lost Ark Lance Master Stances

On paper, the stances seem OP, especially the moon stance. However, in practice, it seems that Sun Stance is much more stable than Moon Stance. If you’re anyone other than a super tank, you’ll find yourself dying a lot trying to chase down mobs in Moon Stance.

  • Sun Stance – Increases damage by 30% but reduces movement speed by 20%.
  • Moon Stance – Increases mobility by 40%, but reduces damage by 20%.

I recommend that new players use Sun Stance as their default stance unless they have an engraving that boosts another one.

NOTE: You won’t be needing Sun Stance until later levels because of the sheer amount of survivability added through leveling blocking. It’s arguably better than Moon stance, but since it gimps your mobility quite a bit it’ll be difficult to chase mobs around unless they’re already caught up in your block radius.

[To use this guide to its fullest potential, you will need 2 things: 1) A good horse to move from place to place faster and stack stamina potions when needed. If you cannot afford a good horse, it is suggested that you buy the crafting recipe and craft one yourself. 2) A good amount of Stamina Potions. You should always have enough potions to be able to run from place to place and not get stuck with no stamina- this usually means at least 15.]

Lost Ark Lance Master Skill Runes & Gems

Skill Runes are pretty important to consider especially for this class. You do not want to miss out on the Attack Rate, Attack Speed, and Movement speed increases. These three help your DPS (damage per second) by a lot!

On the other hand, you want to pick up HP and MP and Awakening skill buffs. Gems are also very important for this class, particularly because it takes a long time to kill bosses while leveling due to low damage per hit. Having at least 1 gem in your Lance Master will speed up the process.


The Lance Master is a versatile class that can be played as both an active and passive player. If you’re looking for a strong tank with high survivability, this guide might just be what you need!

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Written by Borut Udovic

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