Lost Ark: Loghill All 9 Mokoko Seed Locations (Latest)

Loghill is an area that is located in the Retharmis continent. There are a total of 9 Mokoko seeds in this area, which some are easy, and others can be a bit difficult to locate. Many players have had difficulties locating these Mokoko Seeds due to the fact that there are some special requirements in order to get to your wanted location and get the seeds.

This guide will show you all the locations for all 9 Mokoko Seeds in the Loghill Area.

Loghill Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

Location 1 (Mokoko Seed 1)

The first location is pretty simple. Just walk to the marked area in the image, there you will find the Mokoko Seed placed on the ground right around some grass and next to a pillar by the ruins.

Location 2 (Mokoko Seed 2)

The second location is a bit upwards from the first. You can spot the Mokoko seed easily as it’s placed right next to a small boulder and into some grass.

Location 3 (Mokoko Seed 3)

For your next location, it’s recommended to take the teleport to the Fiona Plains and continue going North-East. You will find the third Mokoko seed behind a destroyed wall.

Location 4 (Mokoko Seed 4 & 5)

The fourth location or the Mokoko Seed will be located north from the tri port teleport near the Statue Ruins. Once you get there you will need to defeat a stone construct in order for him to unlock a passage way into the hidden room. Once you are there, two Mokoko seeds will be found in the same area, one in the corner of the wall and the other is just to the left that is visible.

Location 5 (Mokoko Seed 6)

The fifth location will get you the sixth Mokoko seed that you need. It’s located north of the Statue Ruins Try Port teleportation, and it’s located on the right side of the end of the bridge.

Location 6 (Mokoko Seed 7)

The seventh Mokoko seed is in Kolish ruins and is hidden behind a tree. There is no hidden passage, you just need to get to the marked location, zoom in your camera view if you need to locate the Mokoko seed easier.

Location 6 (Mokoko Seed 8 & 9)

In order to get these last two Mokoko seeds. The location can be found just at the west corner of Frogwoods Crypt. You will need to finish a purple quest called “It’s okay Mist Fairy”. The starting area of that quest is on Lullaby Island. Also, you will need the “Song of Resonance” and the “Forest’s Manuet” songs in order to open the blocked passage of the area and collect the two seeds.

Written by Borut Udovic

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