Lost Ark: Look for Ronika Quest (Walkthrough)

In order to complete this quest you are needed to look around the map from the secret base in Facility X – 301 and find Ronika. Ronika is an NPC which lets you finish “The Factory in the Secret Base” quest. Once you are done there, that will allow you to complete the quest and finish the questline with Memories and Records. Than you will get your sweet achievement for the quest line.

This is my guide to find Ronika in order to finish the quest.

Look for Ronika quest – Lost Ark

Once you accept “The Factory in the Secret Base” quest, you will be required to speak with Ronika in Facility X – 301. On your map you will get a big purple circle that will give you a path of knowing where she may be.
Ronika is located a bit southern east on the map and will be waiting for you once you get there.

Once you have defeated all the mobs required, speak to her and she will vanish again. After that her location will be marked on the map and you will get your ticked to the dungeon. Letting you start the next quest of the quest line.

Written by Borut Udovic

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