Lost Ark: Lost Footsteps Quest, Find the Alleyway Guide

A rather simple quest which everyone is frustrated about. This is a third quest of a story progress and it is obtainable once you finish the quest “A new Power, Awakened Destiny” in Shushire at the Frozen Sea.
Players have a rather difficult time figuring out this quest as its bugged and you cannot see the exact location on where you need to go.

No worries! This guide will explain how to fix the bugged quest and get you going.

Lost Footsteps Quest, Find the Alleyway Guide – Lost Ark

So this quest is bugged I would say. Once you accept it from the old lady, you open the map and see that you cannot find anything anywhere. You try clicking on it to track but that is not possible either, as you are unable to click it.

Simply just open up your Quest Journal and find the quest. Once you have found it, click on “All”, select the quest and click on “Area”. Once you are done with that, simply open your map and you will see the quest location!

Written by Borut Udovic

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