Lost Ark: Main Questline Guide

Lost Ark is a very rich game in terms of quest content and includes two different quest types, the main quest, and the side quest.

The main quests are what every player who plays Lost Ark should do. By completing these quests, you can easily level up and win various rewards. So you can easily strengthen your character.

You can also explore different places in the game while doing the quests and increase your playing pleasure.

In order to complete the main quests, you need to go to the areas where the quests are located and find the NPC who gave the quest.

In this article, we have compiled the main questline in Lost Ark for you by dividing them into regions.

Main Questline – Lost Ark

The easiest way to reach level 50 in Lost Ark is to complete the main quests. All of the main missions in different regions contain separate tasks.

To complete some quests you only need to collect items, while for others you may need to fight and kill creatures.


The place where the main questline begins is Rethramis. You can reach level 17 by completing the missions in this region where the Lost Ark adventure begins.

There are 32 main quests in this region.

  • Crossroads of destiny
  • To the Forgotten Land
  • Birt in The Ruins
  • The Call of the Ancient Prophecy
  • Unleashed Light of Destiny
  • The Priest
  • Siege of Armel
  • Savior
  • Tales and Legends (Reward: Song of Escape)
  • Legacy of The Ancients
  • In the East Chapel
  • Traces of the Stone Tablet (Reward: Mount Unlock)
  • Words of the Stonemason
  • What the Thieves Want
  • Warning: Tomb Raider
  • Trouble in Kolsh Forest
  • Demons in Hell
  • Demons in Prideholme
  • Neria’s Story  (Reward: Companions & Relationships)
  • Tablet of Revelation
  • Gathering Clues
  • Mountain of the Singing Wind
  • Holy Source
  • The source of the Plague
  • A Command Post in Distress
  • Belated Help
  • Snake Nest
  • You will be Remembered
  • A Mysterious Attack
  • A New Plague
  • A Possible Solution
  • The Snake Jewel
  • On the Border


After completing the main quests in Rethramis, you can move on to the Yudia region. After completing the main quests in this area, you will reach level 21.

There are 19 main quests in Yudia.

  • The Search for the Nomad
  • Burned Camp
  • Street of Bandits
  • Salt Mine
  • The Search for the Monument
  • Rip Up the Bandits
  • Another Monument
  • Aregal Salt Flats
  • Submission and Salvation
  • The Last Monument
  • Always One After the Other
  • Nomad Meeting
  • Prepare for the Rain
  • To Morai
  • Where is Armel
  • Foxfire
  • Armel and the Demon
  • Demon Submission
  • Let’s go to Luterra!

West Luterra

After the quests in Yudia, you can go to West Luterra. After completing the quests here, you will reach level 28.

There are a total of 30 main quests in this region.

  • Fortress Under Attack
  • Destroyed Sentry Post
  • To the Zagoras Fortress
  • Armel’s Request
  • The Decoration
  • To the Eastern Ruins
  • Song of Valor (Reward: Song Of Valor)
  • To Lakebar
  • The Village with a Lake
  • Still Undecided
  • The Burden of Death
  • The Iron Crown
  • The Spirit of Luterra
  • The Crown of Lakebar
  • To The Degree of Shimmer
  • Shimmer Level
  • To Medrick Monastery
  • Monastery Before Ruin
  • The Warpriests of Medrick
  • Thirain’s Wrath
  • The Bilbrin Militia
  • Pay Respect to the Hunters
  • Contact with the Militia
  • Militia Leader Castleford
  • Thirain’s Disappearance
  • An Unshakeable Determination
  • To the Battlefield
  • By the Demon Beast Legion
  • To the Hero Wall

East Luterra

The East Luterra region is a region that will give your character a lot of leveling up, and some of your time in Lost Ark will be spent in this region. You can reach level 38 in this region.

There are 63 main quests in total in East Luterra.

  • A Kingdom Reclaimed
  • Reconstruction of Luterra
  • Song of Return (Reward: Song of Return)
  • The Inhabitants of Luterra Castle
  • Two Families
  • In The Name of The Elder
  • Brother Against Brother
  • In the Name of the Youngest
  • The Beginning of Reconciliation
  • United Once More
  • In Search of the Lost Sentence
  • Heroes and Constellations
  • Eerie Pumpkin Farm
  • Pumpkin Cleaning
  • The Deaf Bard
  • The Blind Bard
  • All Night Long
  • Royal Seal of the Eagle
  • The Dangerous Forest of Lastra
  • King’s Tomb
  • A Legend Reborn
  • The Wingless
  • To the Edge of the World (Reward: Song of Trixion)
  • Destiny Guided by the Light
  • Full of Gratitude
  • Infested Garden
  • The Sweet Lure of Chaos
  • King Thirian’s Swift Reply
  • Spreading Madness
  • The Distant Ringing of a Bell
  • Above the Tendrils of the Black Rose
  • The Secret of the Cemetery Chapel
  • Disguise Preparations
  • The Conjuration of Madness
  • The Long and Dark Night
  • On the Trail of Kalkul-Saydon
  • Pureum and the Land of Purification
  • The Leaders of the Pureum
  • Seria’s Gift
  • Lighea’s Advice
  • Kalkul-Saydon’s plan
  • Sad Foreboding
  • Drums of Resistance
  • Preparation for Battle
  • On the Verge of War
  • To Victory
  • Flare of Fire
  • The Wise
  • Everything ready
  • Battlefield Wounds
  • Holy Inquisitors
  • In the Footsteps of the Saints
  • The Wind Stays, The Dreams Fade
  • A Fine Ship
  • Find the Sneaky Pirates
  • As Blue as The Sea
  • In Search of Pirates
  • Intimidated
  • Shadow of Light Inn
  • Black Tooth’s Whereabouts
  • Find Black Tooth’s crew
  • Heiho, Heiho, We are Happy and Happy
  • Big Flare
  • Make Your Intention Known
  • The Rescue of Black Tooth’s Crew
  • Storm the Howling Storm Grotto
  • Half-Half
  • Set Sail!

After completing “Set Sail!”, the game starts to change a little. After this point, the orange colored main quests are replaced by the blue colored world quests.

In other words, the main quests come to an end after completing the quests in the East Luterra region. By completing these main quests, you can learn more about Lost Ark and easily level up your character to level 38.

Written by Borut Udovic

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