Lost Ark: Many Islands One Legend (Quest)

Lost Ark has many treasures and secrets that can be discovered. One of them is the quest called “Many Islands, One Legend” which requires players to find hidden maps located in three different islands. In this guide, how to complete the quest and find the hidden maps on all three islands.

Many Islands One Legend – Lost Ark

The Little Luck Island is a small and quiet island located in the North Luterran Sea. This small island found north of the Yudia continent is said to bring a tiny bit of luck to its visitors.

You can find the map in the centre of the hexagonal-shaped island. It is buried in the bushes between the two palm trees on the island so finding it won’t be hard.

Map Hidden on Outlaw Isle

Next, you need to search for the map on Outlaw Isle Island. It is a small and tacky island located northwest of Rethramis in the Whispering Sea. You need to be at least level 460 and have a new voyage quest to swim there.

Once you reach there, proceed in the northeast direction towards the edge of the island. You will see a yellow flashing icon there, interact with it to receive the map.

Map Hidden on White Wave Island

In order to collect the last map, head over to White Wave located west of the Arthetine continent. This small and cozy island in the Sceptrum Ocean is often said to have ships wrecked due to frequent storms in the area. Once you land on this white coloured island, head northwest from the entrance and you will soon find the map buried near the stone.

That’s it you now successfully collected all the three hidden maps. Now go back to Temma and show her the map to receive the rewards. You will receive 190 Roster XP, three destruction fragment chests, six guardian stone fragment chests, three Harmony shard chests and four Splendid chests, along with some Gold for completing the quest.

Written by Borut Udovic

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