Lost Ark: Meteora Isle Mokoko Seed Locations

The Mokoko seeds are very interesting in order to find hidden locations that you didn’t know existed. On the Meteora Isle, where your next 3 seeds will be located is also a hidden place which you might have not even realized it’s there. This makes you wonder what other hidden places can there be in this amazing game!

This guide will show you all the locations of the Mokoko Seeds in Meteroa in Lost Ark.

Meteora Isle Mokoko Seed Location – Lost Ark

The locations of the 3 Mokoko seeds in Meteora are actually pretty easy to find. Head to the island and head to the North Western corner of the map where you will find the first seed which lies under a palm tree and hidden in some grass.

The second and third seed are located in a hidden cave which is covered by a rock.

Once you enter the cave, the rock will disappear that is above you (game making you see better), then the second will be on the right side of the wall and the third will be on the left side, pick them up and you have your collection done!

Written by Borut Udovic

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