Lost Ark: Mokoko Seeds – Exchange, List of Rewards, Location

There are tons of Mokoko seeds to collect in Lost Ark’s huge open world. But once you have found all of them, what should you do? In this guide, we will tell you how to exchange Mokoko seeds.

What are Mokoko Seeds – Lost Ark

Players can find various collectibles and secrets along their journey in Lost Ark. One of them is Mokoko seeds which can be used to unlock area rewards. These collectibles are spread throughout the territory of Artesia.

Mokoko seeds can be traded by players in order to obtain various kinds of rewards. You can collect these seeds from various areas present in the game. To collect a Mokoko seed, approach the pear-shaped plant and hold the G button until the bar is completely filled. When the bar gets completely filled, the Mokoko seed points will be added to your collectible inventory.

There are over 1200 Mokoko seeds that can be collected by players. Each of these seeds can be found in every single zone of the game with some of them hidden in the Dungeons and other areas.


Where to Exchange these Mokoko Seeds?

In order to trade these Mokoko seeds, you need to follow the main story. After you complete the Luterra region, the story icon in the game will change into a blue globe. You need to follow the globe to Tortoyk Island, a small island situated in the northeast part of the map. The story will take you to Mokoko village where you need to continue following it until you reach the quest “A new start”.

Now you need to visit the Village Chief’s Home and speak to an NPC named Totoma. You can now trade these seeds in exchange for some awesome rewards. The cost of each item varies according to its rarity with the cheapest one starting from 50 seeds. Below you can find the list of all the rewards:

Totoma Card50 Seeds
Kindness Potion100 Seeds
Stronghold Crew Application Form150 Seeds
Vitality Increase Potion200 Seeds
Crew Application Form250 Seeds
Stat Increase Potion300 Seeds
Mokamoka Card350 Seeds
Paradise’s Knight License400 Seeds
15 Eurus Blueprint450 Seeds
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko500 Seeds
3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen550 Seeds
20 Eurus Blueprint600 Seeds
Crew Application Form: Poipoi650 Seeds
Title: Mokoko Hunter700 Seeds
Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument 750 Seeds
Transform: Egg of Creation650 Seeds
Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru850 Seeds
Background: Moki Toki900 Seeds
Masterpiece #32950 Seeds
Ship Model: Blooming Caravel1000 Seeds
Crew Application Form: Narinari1,050 Seeds
Title: Nice Smelling1100 Seeds
Masterpiece #441150 Seeds
Mokoko Charm1200 Seeds
Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack1250 Seeds

Do note that the benefits of Mokoko seeds are spread across your account so even if you decide to create a second character, it will enjoy the same rewards as your first character.

Written by Borut Udovic

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