Lost Ark: Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seeds Location

The Mokoko Seeds are interesting because they are a fun way to interact with the player into forcing him to thing a bit deeper on how he can obtain them, and find new hidden places from the area.

The Opportunity Isle is a small island located North West of Arthetine. It’s an adventure island, which means that it doesn’t spawn every day, you need to follow your Procyon’s compass to see when it unlocks.

This guide will show you all the locations of Mokoko Seeds in Opportunity Isle.

Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seeds Location – Lost Ark

The location is pretty straight forward. You need to first accept the quest in order to participate in the fishing event from Island of Chance.

Once that is done, go to the yellow teleportation and head inside the actual island. Do the objective with the fishing contest, head to the western end of the map of the island and jump on the first rock to find the Mokoko Seed and obtain it.

Written by Borut Udovic

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