Lost Ark Ozhorn Hill Mokoko Seed Locations

In this guide, we will show you all the locations where you can find these Mokoko seeds in Ozhorn Hills.

What are Mokoko Seeds?

Players can find various collectibles and secrets along their journey in Lost Ark.One of them is Mokoko seeds which can be used to unlock area rewards. These collectibles are spread throughout the territory of Arkesia.

Mokoko seeds can be traded by players in order to obtain various kinds of rewards. You can collect these seeds from various areas present in the game. To collect a Mokoko seed, approach the pear-shaped plant and hold the G button until the bar is completely filled. When the bar gets completely filled, the Mokoko seed points will be added to your collectible inventory.

Lost Ark All Ozhorn Hill Mokoko Seed Locations

Since finding these seeds can be quite difficult for an individual player, we have compiled a list of all the Mokoko locations where you can find these seeds in Ozhorn Hill.

The Ozhorn Hills region is located in Yudia and it houses plenty of monsters as well as collectibles for players to find. These Mokoko seeds can be found in 8 different locations across Ozhorn Hills. You don’t have to look out for any special features in order to find all the seeds located in the Ozhorn Hills region.

The first seed is located inside a crate on the location marked on the map below.

The second seed can be found near Nevatia ruins on the location marked below.

The third seed is located at the bottom of the map and marked below.

The fourth seed is located in the passage marked on the map below.

The fifth seed can be found near Sapira Cave and you need to defeat some enemies in order to obtain it.

The sixth seed is located near the entrance of Sapira Cave and you will encounter some enemies while obtaining it.

The seventh seed can be found at the Merchant Camp in an abandoned horsecart marked below.

The eight seed is located near a broken horsecart with a dead soldier at the location marked below.

How to trade Mokoko Seeds?

When you are finished collecting all the seeds in the locations mentioned above, you can trade these seeds for some high tier items. Doing this is pretty easy:

1. Head to Mokoko village located in Tortoyk Island

2. Speak with Totoma to trade Mokoko seeds.

That’s it, You can now easily trade Mokoko seeds in order to obtain some great rewards!

Written by Borut Udovic

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