Lost Ark: Prisoner Emancipation Daily Quest (Walkthrough)

The daily quest Prisoner Emancipation is a quest which is located in Kalthertz and can be sometimes difficult for other players to complete due to the fact that there is a tight squeeze through a gate which is hard to spot and go through in order to get to the prisoners.

This walkthrough will show you how to finish the Prisoner Emancipation Daily quest step by step

Prisoner Emancipation Daily Quest – Lost Ark (Walkthrough)

There is a bit of a tricky situation in order to get to the area needed to emancipate the prisoners in Kalthertz. The map does not show much guidance of where the location is and how to get through the gate.

Once you get to the marked location on the map, there will be a closed gate with bars, you may think that it’s closed off for a reason, but in fact there is a small opening in which you can go through in order to emancipate the prisoners.

This is the exact area where you can go through. It may look like it’s a bug but just try pushing yourself trough and you will make it. Once done with that, go down the stairwell and you will enter the room filled with prisoners.

Once you are inside the room. You will see the prisoners waiting to be released. In order to release them you are going to need pirate coins. Some are 300 and some are 900 coins to release and you should be good to go.
If there are no prisoners in the cages, just wait a little bit because they are on a cooldown. After a few minutes they will spawn back and you can release them.

When 5 prisoners are emancipated, you will need to go back and check your mailbox. You are supposed to get 5 release certificates in order to complete the quest.

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